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cocktailsfor2 ([personal profile] cocktailsfor2) wrote2011-12-24 05:37 pm

7th Anual Christmas Poll!

Yes, it's last-minute. Didja ever stop to think I might be as tired of this as you are?

Just kidding! Here you go!

Happy Christmas to you all!


[Poll #1805620]

This is [ profile] nogoodusernames and my first Crimmus together as a married couple. Cool, eh?

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Cool indeed! Merry Christmas to you both! :)

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There is a distinct lack of "Someone might catch me doing that thing that the law said I'm not allowed to do anymore and I already have to introduce myself to all my neighbors as a sex offender" option this year.

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You're a true christmas poll connoisseur aficionado.

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She's right.

Doesn't the "I see whut you did" answer imply that well enuf?

Also, I thought the Gingrich option was horrible enough.
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